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Camertronix Sarl

We provide top consulting services since 2010.

Customized software solutions

Our experts know how to solve your company’s issues.

Software development

we realize customized applications adapted to the companies.

Intelligent systems Development

The design of intelligent systems such as home security

Mobile applications Development

Realize your mobile applications at camertronix. Our engineers are doing a great job in this field.

Web development

We design and build websites for your business and business.

Feasibility studies

We are willing to help you conduct your feasibility studies

Printed circuits design

Printed circuits have no secrets for our young engineers

Welcome to Camertronix

Camertronix is a company, created from over 15 years of experience in research and development in embedded hardware/software systems. With a versatile team of experienced and highly skilled Engineers at various locations in the word, we seek to provide our customers the best service, at competitive price and reasonable delay. Our services range from the design and implementation of single hardware or software IPs to complete systems with emphasis on single chip solutions. Our virtual prototyping design environment provides system designers an edge over competitors by allowing the design and verification of complex system-on-chips at a very high level of abstraction, while optimizing the mapping on various target platforms and libraries. Experience gained in diverse embedded applications like image processing and video streaming, communication and storage help us better understand challenge related to customer demand, thus allowing a faster and correct specification, design, and realization of customer projects. Get in touch with us for a detailed discussion on feasibility of your project, its requirements and implementation.

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