Home Security

Home security is a remote monitoring platform for homes, offices, depots, etc. and instant notification in case of intrusion or fire !!

The System includes:

  • A Central Module
  • Alarm siren
  • Door opening and movement sensors
  • Panic buttons
  • Smoke detector
  • Gas detectors
  • A mobile application
  • For more security, coupled notification in case of intrusion, SMS and mobile application.

The mobile app lets you :

  • Arming and disarming Remotely the place you want to secure.
  • Schedule System Arming and Disarming Times
  • Possibility to arm only certain sectors according to your convenience in case of your presence in the place.
  • Possibility of control over several Houses, offices or Stores with a single application.
  • For hotel managers, the possibility to know if and when a room has been occupied.

Figure 1: Smartphone application overview
home security

We can do much more because our own development gives us the latitude. The installation is simple, easy to maintain and frees you from cable and building work.