Experience in various projects has produced a wide range system and application portfolio, the most notorious of which are: Distributed Pollution Monitoring System, Distributed Embedded Intelligent Camera, Adaptive Video CoDec, Modular Video Processing, Scratch Detector System, Smart LED, BitBee, Driving Assistance System, High-Level Synthesis for Multi-Processor On Chips


After using most of design tools and prototyping platform on the market for so many years, we developed a virtual prototyping environment called ViPER for a fast design and implementation of system on chip with emphasis of FPGAs. Most of the major boards on the market are addressed from our tool, which constantly updated with new platforms.

Integrated circuit

The capacity of integrated circuit, the heart of today’s electronic systems, has been increasing at exponential pace the last decades, mainly due to process technology that has led to constant reduction in the size of transistors. As result, very complex applications can now be implemented on small footprint and executed with maximal performance and lowest power. These developments, while positive, pose a huge pressure on embedded computing system designers.

the high complexity

Managing the high complexity of today’s applications requires a paradigm shift. Designs should be done at a very high level of abstraction and verification must start early in the design process. Also, the refinement of high-level blocks should insure that the verification performed a higher levels is still valid. Complexity can also be handling by building on existing designs and intellectual property (IP) instead of starting everything from scratch. The combination of high-level specification and IP-based design provide a powerful tool, the virtual prototyping, to design cost effective, efficient and low-power systems in affordable time. With virtual prototyping designers can build and verify their systems at a very high abstraction level, which can lead to a quick validation of algorithms and alternative design choices. With the help of the right tools, the refinement can be done automatically, targeting a particular system